Fort Kochi Taxi Service

Kochi [also known as Cochin] is a jewel in the crown of Kerala with its European heritage and true cosmopolitan temperament.    A leisurely walk through its streets is one of the best ways to discover all that the city has to offer - it's natural harbor and historical sites. A boat ride across the breathtaking blue lagoons and backwaters offers a glimpse of kochi's rural life and its true beauty.

The fort Kochi is India’s oldest European built church; Portuguese Franciscan Friars constructed this St Francis church in 1503. The large, impressive catholic Santa cruse basilica dates back to 1902, and have a fantastic colored interior. The Indo- Portuguese museum preserves the heritage of India’s earliest catholic communities. The fixed, cantilevered Chinese fishing nets were introduced by traders from the court of Kubla Khan. The Dutch cemetery was constructed in 1724 and contains European graves.